Version 4.8.8 is here

DuoSTATION® MDM v4.8.8 has new features, optimizations and bug fixes. Here are the most important ones.

New user fields

We have added new fields for users. These can be displayed in the view ’Users’ and edited in ‘User details’. The new fields are:

Field Description
Company The user’s company/organisation.
Position The user’s position/working title.

These values are also imported via integrations with Active Directory if the setting ‘REST’ is activated.


We have added a link to App Store and Google Play in ‘App details’ to make it easy to quickly access the store for each app.

Black- and whitelist web-sites

Now black- and whitelisting of web-sites is supported for Android devices.

For the moment only Samsung devices with KNOX 2.6 or later are supported.

Device Enrollment Program / Apple School Manager / KNOX Mobile Enrollment

We have added links to DEP, ASM and KME (KNOX Mobile Enrollment) on different places for convinient access.

Volume Purchase Program

All VPP licenses that are linked to a device, will now automatically be revoked when a device is unenrolled, deleted och wiped via the system.

Important bu fixes

We have fixed the bug that sometimes prevented Android apps from being deployed when deployment was performed using a configuration.

Now a value no longer will be required in ‘Account group’ and/or ‘Account name’ for a user, when for instance deploying a configuration for Office 365.


Finished commands will be deleted more often (after 6 hours) to speed up the system.


We have added APIs to add and manage tags. Contact us to get the latest API documentation.