DuoSTATION is a user friendly and cost-effective solution that helps you perform most of your IT department needs within your organization.


The system includes technology to collect information about hardware and software on clients running Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, UNIX and NetWare. In addition, the system comes pre-configured for an inventory of switches, printers, thin clients and all other equipment that supports SNMP. Changes are automatically logged. No agents to install.

With integration to DuoSTATION MDM you can get information about the units using Android, iOS, macOS and tvOS into the system.

With DuoSTATION Devices it is also possible to track information about your monitors.



Complete with information of the date of purchase, costs, supplier and information about warranty and agreements. Easily enter information to create billing documents.


In DuoSTATION it is very easy to remotely install software on the network Windows clients. For example  you can install a program by using drag’n’drop directly from Windows Explorer.

Job management

Schedule recurring tasks such as reboot of computers, cleaning of files or backup. Gather all the information in one place.

Information Database

Easily add up FAQs, solutions and breakdowns in a /shared information database. All information can be made visible in the web interface at different levels.

Document Management

Link any number of external documents to various objects in the system. Use drag’n’drop or scan directly into the program. Examples of this can be copies of invoices, contracts or license documents. All IT-related documents can be grouped together for easy access.

Case Management

With DuoSTATION Cases you get access to a complete case management system that is very easy to use. E-mail management, web interface and integration with AD, LDAP, and NDS / eDirectory are some key features included. Users can report and follow cases through e-mail or via a web interface.

IT Service Management

With DuoSTATION IT Service Management

you get features such as automatic escalation, management of the service catalog and the option to set up different service levels of SLAs, etc.


Staff at the help desk has all the necessary information available with just a few clicks of the mouse. For example it is easy to find in the information database, create new cases, remotely control computers, see how your computer is configured, or change passwords for users.

License Management

All installed software is automatically detected. Keep a record of existing software and plan future purchases. In our unique overview of software licenses, you can instantly see if you have too many or too few licenses.

License Measurement

With DuoSTATION Metering you can collect information about how often or if installed software is used. This information is automatically included in the license overview in the program. In our unique report manager, you can easily build your reports using drag’n’drop. Save the most common reports as templates so that they are easy to use again. You can export the results to Excel, HTML or text.


With DuoSTATION Connections you can automatically collect information about which port a particular server is plugged in to and the devices connected to a particular switch. In addition, information is displayed as firmware, duplex, VLAN, etc.

Log Collection

With DuoSTATION Management you can collect logs from servers and devices in you IT-environment that support SysLog. Everything is done automatically in real time. It is easy to search and filter all logs and it is possible to configure the system to send an e-mail or SMS when a certain event occurs.


We provide functions to easily import users and computers from AD or NDS / eDirectory. E-mail functions are handled with POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP. Because the database is open, it is easy to retrieve information from the system to other applications. Export data to Excel, HTML and text.

Remote Administration

The system can, for example, start a remote session with clients, manage a switch or restart a service on a server via a right click of your mouse. It is of course possible to link your own favorite software for remote administration.


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