DuoSTATION Cases is a case management system that is easy to use.


E-mail management, web interface and integration with AD, LDAP, and NDS / eDirectory are some key features included. Users can report or follow cases through e-mail or via a web interface. In DuoSTATION Manager, staff at the help desk easily find / filter / search among all cases. To each case, you can link any number of contacts, equipment, documents and events. Various changes can be logged automatically so that it becomes easy to follow developments in a case.

Web Interface

Via a portal, a user can follow cases, report new cases, attach files and add new information. Integrated with the information in the database DuoSTATION, a user can take part of the FAQ, operating information and knowledge database. You can select for each user whether authentication is required with a password in the database, Active Directory or eDirectory / NDS.


E-mail is retrieved by POP3 or IMAP4 and sent using SMTP. You can configure any number of mailboxes to be integrated with the system. Each email address can be automatically configured so that cases are grouped and categorized correctly. You can choose whether updates should be sent by e-mail when various events occur in the case, e.g. when its priority changes, or the case is initiated/finalized/cancelled etc.


The intelligent filtering capabilities, a customizable layout, reporting via a right click and ready-made report templates, make it easy to find the data you are looking for.


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