DuoSTATION Management monitors status of your servers and collects logs from printers, switches and other network devices.

Log Management

All the collection of logs is done automatically in real time. There are smart features to easily search and filter all logs and it is possible to configure the system to send e-mail or SMS when a certain event occurs. You can easily choose if you want to see the logs for the entire network or a single piece of equipment.


Currently there is full support for integrating PerfMon (monitoring in Windows) with DuoSTATION.
For example, you can receive notifications if a specific process takes a lot of processing power, if a hard drive  is running low on space or if a particular SQL database becomes unmanageable. All aspects that can be monitored with the help of PerfMon in Windows can be monitored and managed easily in DuoSTATION.


Installation of the Management function is done either with the help of MSI packages or a single exe. The same agent works on any Windows system (2000 or later). Follow the respective manufacturer’s instructions to get the equipment that supports SysLog to export the log to DuoSTATION


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