DuoSTATION MDM is a Mobile Device Management solution sold as a service. It is 100% cloud based and we manage all IT infrastructure. The only thing you need is a web browser and an account. No other preparation is needed.

The solution is designed to be easy to use. Users enroll by using a link sent by e-mail or SMS from within the system. The link can also be published on your intranet or service desk. Smart functionality matches all devices to the correct user automatically.


Collect information about hardware, apps and how the devices are configured. Create reports, save as PDF or export to Excel.


Keep track of all your devices. The location of the devices is reported automatically and can be shown in the built-in map view.


Configure and deploy settings for VPN, Wifi, e-mail (Exchange/Lotus Notes) etc. from one central point. DuoSTATION MDM makes sure that all users will get the right configuration for their mobile devices.


Deploy apps to all your devices with just a few mouse clicks. It is possible to install your own developed apps and apps located at App Store/Google Play. Find and link apps in App Store/Google Play with our integrated search function. Create shortcuts to websites, service desk, instruction videos and more.


Set up policies for passwords and secure handling of your devices. Lock or wipe devices automatically when wrong password is entered. It is also very easy to lock, wipe and reset password for one or many devices.


Use DuoSTATION MDM to control how mobile devices should be used in your organization. For instance it is possible to control what apps may be installed, restrict app access or limit data roaming.


Use one of many reports to easily study different kinds of device models, operators, most installed apps etc. If you require a special report, contact us and we will help you at no extra cost.


Active Directory / eDirectory

Import users from your AD/eDirectory. Authenticate users through AD/eDirectory when enrolling devices. Export information for all devices automatically into DuoSTATION. Save data lists to Excel or create printouts as PDF.


Information about devices can automatically be sent to DuoSTATION. This integration gives you access to several reports and many smart features to facilitate budgeting  and manage your accounting requirements for example.

Device Enrollment Program

Import and secure your Apple devices by integrating DuoSTATION MDM with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). DuoSTATION MDM supports multiple DEP-accounts.

Volume Purchase Program

Make the deployment of apps smooth and easy with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP). DuoSTATION MDM supports any number of VPP-accounts and allows you to control which part of your organization that may use a particular VPP-account.

Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment

The integration with Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment ensures that all your Samsung devices are automatically registered to DuoSTATION MDM.


We currently have full support for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Apple computers with OS X. The only thing you need to administrate DuoSTATION MDM, is a standard web browser. More information can found here.

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