“DuoSTATION MDM has saved a lot of time and headaches. I handle all this alone and I also have other tasks.”
Peter Odesten, IT-technician Säffle Municipality

Säffle municipality

In Säffle municipality telephones and tablets are used in both preschool and elder care. At the moment, 2232 units are in operation. They are used for playing as well as educational purpose. At a nursing home the phone enabled calls to grandchildren living in Australia. In home care service they’re used as alarm and locking systems and allow the staff to handle medication. Peter Odesten, IT-technician in Säffle believes that the telephones have replaced the PDAs and that a system such as DuoSTATION MDM is required to be able to handle all the devices.

Get involved, give feedback that affects

Säffle municipality have used DuoSTATION MDM for several years and is very satisfied with the system and how well the support works. “If I find a bug or come up with any suggestions, they can tell me directly if it is technically possible to put through. Sometimes the say that they will fix it and release in the next version update. I like how I can be involved and influence so that we get what we need to improve our daily business,” says Peter explaining how ProgramDuon appreciate when he comes up with new ideas that can make it easier for other customers as well. “All municipalities are similar, what they arrange for us is to benefit of all other municipalities that use DuoSTATION MDM.” Excellent service is not to be taken for granted in the IT-industry. Peter believes that ProgramDuon are unique. “I do not have to write an email and then wait for three weeks or fill in a complicated form. I can just call, and I will get in touch with them immediately.”

It wouldn’t work without DuoSTATION MDM

Earlier Säffle municipality had no central control over all units. Then users could create their own passwords and connect the mobile phone to private iCloud and Apple IDs. It caused a lot of problems since it was impossible to get the right information and the device became completely unusable. Another problem that appeared to users coming back to work after the summer holiday was forgotten password information. “As the only IT technician in the municipality to be able to keep track of everything and help everyone… it would never have happened without DuoSTATION MDM” says Peter. Now he can handle everything with a few clicks. If a new system should be introduced in the home care service, he’ll manage all units at once and ensure that the users have the right settings to be able to perform their work.

Increases the safety and security of the business

Higher security is another great advantage that comes with the system. Devices get lost or stolen but thanks to DuoSTATION MDM the device become unusable when it falls into the wrong hands. “We had a burglary at a preschool a while ago and five tablets disappeared. I encrypted, locked and emptied them remote. I could see where they were and pass that information on to the police. As soon as a thief try to enter the tablet, they receive a message that it is lost and belongs to Säffle municipality. “We’ve found units all over the world, one was in Ethiopia…” Peter like that the system is very flexible. It makes his job easier as all the time and energy previously spent on support and maintenance has been drastically reduced. It also makes it easier for end users who may not always be used to technology. Now they get a phone/tablet ready to use with correct settings and all the apps required in their job.

"I like how I can be involved and influence so that we get what we need, which works in our business"
Peter Odesten, IT-technician Säffle Municipality

Säffle municipality chose DuoSTATION MDM


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