”DuoSTATION MDM is a very good system when you want full control of all units.” ”Many customers do not understand that things take time, finding a solution quickly is very important.”
Oscar Granberg, IT-technician, Nordlo


Nordlo is a Nordic IT partner who deliver IT support tailored to the customer’s needs. They offer overall IT responsibility and digitization to large companies and authorities as well as smaller businesses that may require specialized IT solutions. Oscar Granberg works as a technology consultant at Nordlo Växjö, where they support companies in various industries with their IT environment. Nordlo Växjö use DuoSTATION’s MDM system on 1250 different devices.

Manages the system by group division

To keep track of all users and ensure that all units have the correct settings for each professional role, Oscar created a structure in the system. The company is divided into different groups based on type of employment. “If you belong to the finance department, for example, you’ll need a special set up of apps and settings. If you belong to the production department the need looks completely different” Oscar explains. Once the setup of structure is done it is easier for Oscar to update or launch new applications for the employees as it is managed by group level. “Previously we used tags, where we distributed certain specifications for each employee. It was very time consuming, it is so much easier to handle it by groups”, says Oscar.

Easy to administer compared to other systems

Nordlo Växjö also use similar systems such as Microsoft Intune. Although when it comes to full management systems, DuoSTATION MDM has a clear advantage, Oscar declares. “Intune is not as easy to administer, therefore DUO is the only system we use for managing our phones.”

Full control of all devices

With DuoSTATION MDM you can easily set up limitations which restrict users in doing exactly what they want. A user shouldn’t be able to use the device for private purposes for example. “It’s easy to build a regulatory framework and it contributes to higher security,” Oscar says. He emphasizes some of the benefits of the system such as being able to request latest positions, lock a device completely or encrypt the information so that no company data disappears. To get a quick response when using the support is another great advantage. You are given a personal contact who is “super-skilled” and deal with the matter “super fast”. According to Oscar this facilitates his job since his customers often are impatient as well. “Many customers do not understand that things take time, to find a solution quickly is very important,” he concludes.

”ProgramDuon are very easy to get in touch with. Stefan is super-skilled and handles everything super-fast.”
Oscar Granberg, IT-technician, Nordlo

Nordlo chose DuoSTATION MDM


DuoSTATION MDM is a Mobile Device Management solution sold as a service. It is 100% cloud based and we manage all IT infrastructure. The only thing you need is a...


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