Version 4.8.14 is here

DuoSTATION® MDM v4.8.14 has new features, optimizations and bug fixes. Here are the most important ones.

Tag groups

We have added a new feature to group tags in ‘tag groups’. This makes it possible to setup configurations so that more tags must be assigned to a device and/or a user in order to be deployed to the device.

First, create a ‘tag group’ in the view ‘Tags’:

Then, it’s possible to assign this tag group to configurations just like a tag:

Tag groups has the extra text ‘(group)’ to be recognizable.

New routine to hand out and assign devices

We have, together with a customer, developed a new routine to simplify assignment of devices in for instance a school class.

Select the users you want to be listed in this routine in the view ‘Users’. Then use ‘Actions>Assign devices to selected users …’:

In this routine it’s easy to select user by entering a search text and find the device to assign by using a bar code scanner. The system searches for the serial number or IMEI number of the device.

It’s also possible to send a wipe-command (if you have the right permission) when you assign the device.

Enable ‘device owner’ in KNOX Mobile Enrollment

Now we are certified by Samsung to enable ‘device owner’ directly in KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME). Check ‘Enable this app as a Device Owner’ and select ‘DuoSTATION’ in the list of supported MDM-systems.

System apps (‘bloatware’) are not enabled/visible by default. It’s possible to leave these apps enabled. If not enabled, it’s easy to enable apps by using an ‘App blocking’-configuration and allow the disabled app.

Improved deployment and logging

We have optimized and improved the routine that determines which apps to install. We have also added more detailed logging during deployment. That log can now be viewed in ‘Device details’:

Display information on the lock screen

Now it’s possible to display a text at the bottom of the lock screen. Do this by creating a ‘Lock screen information’-configuration in the view ‘Configurations’:

The information is displayed at the bottom of the lock screen:

These variables can be used:

Variabel Förklaring
%CUSTOMER_NAME% The organisation/company name.
%USER_NAME% User name.
%USER_EMAIL% User email address.
%USER_PHONENUMBER% User phone number.
%USER_GROUP% User group name.
%DEVICE_SERIAL_NUMBER% Device serial number.

Other news and changes

We have fixed the bug that caused the MDM-app for iOS to display ‘Unknown device’.

We have now fixed so it’s possible to use nordic characters (ÅÄÖ) and special chars in passwords when logging in during DEP-enrollment.

We have added the possibility to set number of minutes before the device requires a passcode when the screen-lock has been activated:

We have added links to Apple School Manager and the new Apple Business Manager in appropiate places.