”Programduon are easy to communicate with. They offer a manageable and stable system.”
Lars Eklöw, Digital Strategist, Nacka municipality

Nacka municipality

Nacka municipality consider ProgramDuon to be very good at proactivity and feedback. They believe that the MDM system provides great efficiency at a small cost. DuoSTATION MDM is used in the education sector. The municipality operates 2500 ipads and hundreds of mobile phones. The users range from students to staff at preschool up to High school level.

ProgramDuon manage complexity with simplicity

The DuoSTATION MDM system simplifies the installation of the units used in Nacka municipality. They also use the system for volume purchasing of applications as well as remote wipe in case of device theft or loss. “There is a complexity in such a technical solution and it is admirable how ProgramDuon handle this with the simplicity they do,” says Lars Eklöw, digital strategist at Nacka municipality. In comparison with larger companies who offer similar services he believes that ProgramDuon meet the needs of their customers in a different way. “I like that they are proactive, for example, our contact person got in touch with us the other week to tell us that it is soon time for a new update. I appreciate that we got to know about it well in advance and can plan accordingly. Program Duon has a good structure and a well-organized business. Nothing gets difficult, it’s entirely uncomplicated.” says Lars, who is very pleased with how the collaboration works.

The system is self-instructional thus reduces the need for support

The main benefit of the system is the user-friendliness, the flexibility and the short amount of time required for implementation. The end users could be everything from a school caretaker with IT responsibility to a preschool director who handles the applications used for educational purpose. The knowledge within IT varies among the end users but since the system is intuitive and easy to use, the need for support decreases.

Savings in Nacka municipality thanks to DuoSTATION MDM

DuoSTATION MDM has been in use for five years. The municipality looked into several different mobile administration systems prior to the procurement. Lars Eklöw explain, ”Programduon understood our needs and adapted accordingly. We realized that both in terms of price and when it comes to the service itself, Programduon was the best choice. They are good at listening.” He is convinced that the system has led to savings for the municipality. ”It is a small cost in terms of the great efficiency that the system entails. The service is not expensive when you look at what the competitors offer.” The maintenance costs are very low, and the personnel costs become lower since the efficiency increase. It will save money as well as time. ”If we had more systems like DuoSTATION MDM, we would have had much more time,” Lars conclude.

”Safe, efficient and secure management of ipads with DuoSTATION MDM, please quote me on this.”
Lars Eklöw, Digital Strategist, Nacka municipality

Nacka municipality chose DuoSTATION MDM


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