4.8.22 is here

DuoSTATION® MDM v4.8.22 contains new features, optimizations and bug fixes. Here are the most important changes.

Optional apps

Users reported that the app list in the MDM-app for iOS was refreshed very slowly. Now this is fixed.

Manage more features

In previous version we added the possibility to manage bluetooth, personal hotspot and data roaming. Now we have added possibility to manage wifi and location services for Android devices.

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Access this routine in Devices using Actions>Commands>Manage features for selected devices …. Hover the Android icons to see requirements for using each setting.

New restrictions

We have added new restrictions for Android that restricts or allows the user to turn on/off wifi or location services.

Denna bild har ett alt-attribut som är tomt. Dess filnamn är screenshot-configrestrictions-3.png

Other changes

We have added a new column (SIM serial) in the view Devices that displays the serial number of the SIM-card.

Some newer Samsung devices have had some problems when applying settings for Samsung’s mail app. This was because the app wasn’t installed. Now a more explaing message is shown. The mail app can be installed from Samsung’s appstore.